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Consumers Brewery
(aka Falstaff Plant #10)
This massive monument stands at 1920 Shenandoah in the Benton Park neighborhood. The same caves that drew Lemp and AB also attracted beermakers to this site. Built in 1896, the massive Consumers Brewery was one of a string of beermakers located on this site; it later became the Griesedieck Brothers Brewery. Griesedieck Bros. bought out the flagship brew of the Lemp Brewery - Falstaff - and renamed themselves after it.

By the 1960s, this location was known as Falstaff Plant No. 10, and Falstaff was among the nation's largest brewers. Industry changes and an anti-trust suit in the 1970s led to the company being bought out. With steadily declining sales, the Falstaff breweries were closed one after the next during the late 70s and 80s.

Today Falstaff #10 is abandoned and deteriorating. The cave beneath the buildings remains, though flooded.

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