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Granite City Steel
Granite City, Illinois

Granite City is essentially a factory town, and this is the factory. The roots of the mills go back over a hundred years. Today the production facilities are owned by U.S. Steel and operated as the company's Granite City Works. The division's offices are housed in the handsome Granite City Steel Building downtown.

The visible portion of the operation consists of an ironmaking department and a separate facility about a quarter mile down the road, whose function I have not yet determined. The ironmaking facility is the more stereotypically industrial, full of steaming vents, rusting tanks and towers and flaming pipes. The second facility, closer to downtown, appears to be oriented towards shaping and finishing the steel into useful products.

Gallery 1: Ironmaking Department

Gallery 2: Finishing facility

Perhaps concerned with their grungy public image, US Steel painted the ends of these buildings a bright cheerful blue sometime around 2009.

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