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Hunter Packing Company
The Hunter meatpacking plant began in 1893 and closed in 1982, the last of the big three to die (nearby Swift, now demolished, closed in 1967.)

Demolition began in 2003, resumed in 2005, and stands incomplete at the end of 2006. Several outlying buildings were removed, and the main complex partially destroyed, but the work seems to have abruptly ended, leaving massive piles of building rubble and a main building that simply ends in open air, with broken concrete slabs hanging by their rebar.

The remnants of a small neighborhood stand in the dozen or so blocks nearby, a small chunk of East St. Louis cut off from the rest of the town by highways and railroads. Crumbling houses and overgrown lots are typical. A small one-story church stands directly across the street from the plant. In the blocks to the north, several active industries remain, including a scrapyard and a trucking facility.

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