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Riverfront North
Near downtown, St. Louis

The area is dominated by the looming Union Electric Light and Power Company building, a still-active power and steam plant. But standing in its shadows is a superb collection of brick warehouses and factories.

McPheeters Warehouse Company
Owned by an early pioneer in refrigerated storage. Demolished in 2008, as detailed here.

Fresh Building
previously Belcher Sugar Refinery (demolished)
Dating from 1881, the refinery building retained its name long after its parent company became the St. Louis Sugar Refining Company. It burned and was demolished in the summer of 2001 -- a massive loss for the remarkable ensemble of buildings in this area.

St. Louis Refrigeration and Cold Storage

Brick warehouse
Though I have yet to note any identifying labels or signs, it is clearly a sibling of the St. Louis Refrigeration and Cold Storage building to the south.

Laclede Power Company
Easily visible from across the river, this small building's enormous logo is still emblazoned on its eastern face in glazed white brick.

Plans call for the building to serve as a trailhead for the riverfront biking trail, though progress seems to be slow.

Warehouse No. 3

Beck & Corbitt Iron Company

St. Louis Southwestern Railway Freight Depot
Long abandoned, this concrete structure served the railroad better known as the Cotton Belt. A sub-grade rail spur that allowed loading and unloading of freight cars.

Today it is deteriorating covered with elaborate grafitti, but its ornamental ironwork is still impressive.

Sligo Steel
A structure mostly impressive for its sheer length, as well as the enormous logo painted on the side. The company dates back to 1834 and is the oldest steel company west of the Mississippi.

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