Built St. Louis > > Central Corridor > > Midtown

1: Lindell Towers; Moolah Temple
2: Masonic Temple; Scottish Rite Cathedral
3: St. Louis University buildings
4: Medinah Temple; Metropolitan Building
5: Fox Theater; Continental Building; Woolworth's; Humbolt Building
6: University Tower; Grandell Theater; 3rd Baptist Church; Missouri Theater
7: Sun Theater; Carter Carbeurator; Powell Symphony Hall
8: Stockton House; Wagner House; Ives House
9: Pulitzer Museum; Washington Ave. houses
10: Westminster Place houses
11: St. Alphonsus; Vashon High

This page is the tour's home base. Pick any number to start exploring that block. Moving in sequence will take you through the neighborhood roughly the way I've always experienced it -- starting on the west, with the grand vista along Lindell Boulevard, then into the heart of the area along Grand Avenue.