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Chapel - Bishop Dubourg High School
5890 Eichelberger - south City
Architect: Murphy & Mackey, 1954

Stained Glass: Emil Frei Stained Glass
Design: William Schickel

For the stained glass windows in the original chapel at Bishop DuBourg High School, artist William Schickel employed a simplified, primitivist artistic style (which would be echoed several years later at nearby St. Joan of Arc Church.) The window composition is titled The Lord of Creation.

A limited budget led Schickel to use no colored glass at all in the design; the only colors come from an applied silver nitrate stain that reduces to a range of yellow tones during the firing process. The result is a stark, wintery composition in blacks and grays with minimal yellow accents.

Architecturally, the chapel is similar Murphy & Mackey's St. Peter in Kirkwood, with brick interior walls, a rounded apse and vertical windows with Modernst stained glass.

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