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Famous-Barr - Westfield
Northwest Plaza - Northwest County
Date: 1963

One of the products of Famous-Barr's suburban expansion campaign, it is located at the highly trafficked convergence of Lindbergh Boulevard at St. Charles Rock Road.

The building's stylized, angular dome stands out prominently among a rather banal setting of parking lots and generic big boxes. The dome caps a series of arched transom windows that shed natural light into the store and create a clear center point to the building's interior.

Along with the rest of the chain, it was converted to a Macy's location in 2006.

The shopping mall it is attached to began as an open-air market, but was enclosed in the 1980s. It was bought by the Westfield chain in the 1990s and -- in a move typical of the nomenclature brilliance of major corporations -- renamed "Westfield Shoppingtown Northwest". It was sold off in 2006 and the "Northwest Plaza" name was restored.

Gallery: November 2005

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