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Ranch houses - N. Halls Ferry Road
North County
Architects: ?
Dates: ?

North of where it passes River Roads Mall, Halls Ferry Road and it surrounding streets are lined by a remarkable collection of 1950s ranch houses -- archetypal one-story buildings with low-pitched roofs, carports, large picture windows and inclined columns. The entire neighborhood appears to have sprung up almost overnight, so unified are its buildings.

These houses spread horizontally over their sites, and often sit on very large lots -- the kind that developers salivate over. In St. Louis and elsewhere, houses such as these are frequently the victims of tear-down schemes. Here, so far at least, such plans have yet to appear.

This house appears to have had its carport filled in for additional living space -- a common modification to homes of this era.

The massive chimney, breaking through the front wall, is another stylistic gesture common to the period.

The carport screen recalls the fence at Wohl Recreation Center's pool building.

Note the inclined columns supporting the roof overhang.

Multiple planes of roofs floating over one another make this one a particular stand-out.

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