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Christ the King United Church of Christ
(originally Independent Congregational Church)
11370 Old Halls Ferry Road - north County
Architect: Manske & Dieckmann

Independent Congregational Church's unmistakable roofline, dubbed the "folded fingers", is made of folded plywood plates, rising 44 feet and acting in compression to create a roof system with no columns, beams or arches.

The unmistakable roofline covers a majestic interior space lined with wood. Ornament and stained glass are minimal; the sanctuary achieves most of its impressiveness through sheer spatial definition.

Outside, period touches include the square stained glass openings, the angled rails at the exterior stair, and horizontal bands of steel sash windows. Unfortunately, all but one of series of flying saucer-like light fixtures have been removed. Miraculously, the interior fixtures and fittings are all original -- right down to a set of vintage light switches that wouldn't allow us to turn on the main lights in the sanctuary.

The original drawings show a bell tower, but it was either removed or never built.

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