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Wellston State Bank
MLK at Kienlen - Wellston
(inner north County)
Architect: ?
Date: ?
D. May 2014

Several remarkable features save it from being a stock 1950s design. Most visible is the strange tower-mounted neon sign, which still advertises the "Sky Bank" and is the Wellston Loop's most obvious landmark. Somewhat more subtle are the fantastic angled slabs of polished granite on the south elevation.

The aqua blue-tiled drive through is a 1960s addition according to Toby Weiss's write-up on the bank. A blank wall on the east side likely was open windows at some point in the past.

The bank closed in 2006, and the building is reportedly endangered by potential replacement by a Walgreens.

A checkup visit in March 2007 showed that the blue tile was spalling heavily over the drive-in.

Demolition commenced in spring 2014. The St. Louis Building Foundation salvaged the weatherball and its tower, but no buyer could be found for the marvelous granite panels.

Gallery: September 2006

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