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Ranch houses - Norwood Court
North City
Architects: ?
Dates: ?

Deep in the north side of the city, just off of St .Louis Avenue, an architectural anomaly stands among the typical 1920s brick apartment buildings and houses: Norwood Court, a suburban-style development of ranch houses, complete with curved, winding streets.

The houses are not as formally stylized as those along Halls Ferry, but a number of them are embellished with ornametal details that make them a sort of residential answer to the 1960s elegance of O'Nassis Modern: lacy screen doors, ornate hanging lamps, decorative tile, concrete screen walls.

The origins of this oddity lay in the site's previous use: an active quarry that did not shut down until the 1950s, decades after the surrounding neighborhoods had developed. The quarry was infilled, and new streets and houses went in acording to the dominant styles of the time.

Unfortunately, forty years later, the quarry fill has proved to be unstable. Portions of several houses have visibly subsided. If the subsidence is ongoing, the neighborhood's future could be in doubt.

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