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St. Blaise Catholic Church
Maryland Heights - West County
Architect: J.T. Golabowski, 1962

Stained Glass by Emil Frei Stained Glass Company
Design: Joan Velligan

A modest sanctuary features wood laminate beams and a single large stained glass window at one end. The window is actually set in the entry vestibule; interior windows allow it to be seen from the sanctuary space, but it can only be fully viewed from almost directly beneath it in the vestibule.

The original sanctuary has functioned as a parish hall since the new building opened. St. Blaise parish merged with another parish to form Holy Spirit Parish in 2004.1

The parish eventually replaced the 1960s building with a much larger sanctuary. The new space is far brighter than the old one. It features several stained glass rose windows. The materials hint that these were done by a company other than the Emil Frei studio.

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