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St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church
9907 Sappington Road, Lemay - South County
Architect: Raymond E. Maritz
Date: 1950

Stained Glass: Emil Frei Stained Glass Company
Design: Francis Deck1 (unverified)

An almost primitivist building - a stone box with a stainless steel clerestory that brings in filtered light through Emil Frei stained glass. The limestone construction, and its transformation from one story to two as the hill drops out beneath it, make the building reminicent of the limestone bluffs that crop out here and there in the city and county.

The building includes not only the sanctuary but a basement parish hall as well, and an attached rectory built at the same time. The complex was so completely designed that the bus stop on the corner is built of the same limestone, with the same stainless steel trim.

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