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St. Matthias the Apostle Catholic Church
796 Buckley Road, South County
Date: 1960

Windows and Mural: Francis Deck, 19781 2

A low and flat-roofed building. Though it dates from 1960, the interior decorations were not finished until a 1978 program, during which the windows and other elements were installed.

The sanctuary is a spartanly clean and minimal space, with a ring of hidden illumination throwing up light onto the ceiling.

The windows are done in faceted glass, but are so small that they do not much affect the character of the space.

The most commanding feature of the church is a dimensional mural that decorates the front lobby, depicting the Risen Christ, surrounded by two angels and various Easter symbols. It is best viewed from outside the building at night, through the glass wall which appears to have been constructed specifically to enclose it.

Designed by Francis Deck, the mural is constructed of custom-cut styrofoam, painted and sealed.

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