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Resurrection of Our Lord Parish
3900 Meramec Street, St. Louis - south City
Architect: Murphy & Mackey, 1952

Stained Glass by Emil Frei Stained Glass Company
Clerestory windows: Robert Frei
Baptistry windows: Robert Harmon
Stations of the Cross: William Schickel
Mural: Robert Harmon
Sculptures: Hillis Arnold

Stained glass in the sanctuary is limited to the upper windows, a narrow band of light at the top of the walls - and an emphatic statement that this was a truly modern building, framed in steel and free from the limits of conventional masonry construction. The windows depict the public life of Christ, reading from left to right.

The mural behind the altar is themed "The Apostles' Creed", and is intended to read counter-clockwise from top-center, with symbolic representations of the Creation, the fall of man, and Jesus's sacrifice and resurrection. At center, the Spirit of the Lord fills all of creation.

The Stations of the Cross attempt to convey the ideas and essence of their subjects, rather than literal graphic portrayals; quotation from scriptures give the essential idea of each Station.

Stained glass in the babtistry consists of small panels in various shades of blue, some blank and some with painted designs.

The original configuration of the baptismal font, with an elegant ceiling-mounted pulley-chain for removing the cover, has been removed by the Vietnamese congregation. Originally it was replaced by a jarringly literal statue of the Virgin Mary; more recently that has disappeared as well.

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