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Kirkwood Methodist Church
201 W. Adams Avenue - Kirkwood (inner west County)
Architect: Schmidt, Perlsee & Black, 1964

Stained Glass: Emil Frei Stained Glass
Design: Robert Harmon

Kirkwood Methodist is dramatic in every aspect, including its stained glass. Dominating the sanctuary is the Pentecost window, a wall of clear glass decorated in painted detail. The window portrays the Holy Trinity in abstracted forms, with overlapping webs representing fishing nets - themselves a symbol of Jesus's ministry and of the interconnectedness of God with the church members' lives.

Twelve panels along the lower windows represent various aspects of human life, such as Science, Religion, Law and Government, Sports, Aviation and Space, and more.

The south-facing side windows are more conventionally colored but scarcely less exhuberant or original. These are the Creation Windows, with seven panels progressing from the back to the front of the sanctuary, following the seven days of Creation as told in Genesis. Abstract symbolism invites the viewer to contemplate and dwell on the meanings of the story.

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