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The Church of St. Michael and St. George
Architect: James P. Jamieson, 1912

Stained Glass: Emil Frei Company; Charles J. Connick Associates
Design: Robert Harmon and others

Bob Harmon designed some of his earliest windows for this church in 1938, including two windows for the Chapel of St. Michael, and three others in the sanctuary. They are dark, blue-toned windows, trending heavily toward the traditional Gothic style but already showing a number of elements that would typify Mr. Harmon's mature style.

Several windows in the sanctuary also bear elements of Mr. Harmon's early style, and show some hints of evolution toward his later works. The first window shown here is almost entirely conventional, but the triangular grape clusters are a signature Frei element.

A few years later, the Frei company installed two small windows in the crossing that typify their Mid-Century style.

St. George's Chapel
Church of St. Michael & St. George

Stained Glass: ?
Design: Robert Harmon, 1988

For their newly-constructed Chapel of St. George, the church pastor brought in Mr. Harmon, with whom he had worked three decades prior at a church in Arkansas.

Thus the Church of St. Michael and St. George provides a vivid contrast in the evolution of Mr. Harmon's artistic style, from early Gothic and Deco influences to the vivid colors and abstract imagery of his mature years. These later windows are much brighter, and feature much less in the way of applied paint.

On the western wall, where the new chapel abutted existing construction, three tapestries of comparable size to the windows were created and hung.

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