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Mullanphy Emigrant Home
Architects: George Barnett and Albert Piquenard
Built: 1867
Location: 1609 N. 14th Street
Status: Vacant, partially stabilized

The Mullanphy Emigrant Home stands at the northern edge of the vast fields of light industry that separate downtown from the residential neighborhoods of Old North St. Louis. Originally a dormitory for immigrants of European descent, it served that function for only a decade before being converted to a school. Numerous original details have been lost over the years, most notably a cupola, a two-story central window, and a distinctive round-topped cornice.

Mostly vacant for years, the building was severely damaged by storms on April 2, 2006, when the south wall suffered a massive collapse. Incorrect emergency shoring only compounded the problem, and a second set of storms caused further collapse that summer.

But the Mullanphy's story is not one of despair, but of hope. Neighborhood groups have rallied around the building to save it; it was eventually purchased by the Old North Restoration Group. Donated funds, labor and material have gotten a renovation drive underway. The building has been stabilized, and new walls begun.

You can help save this landmark historic building! ONRG need donations to continue restoring the building.

- Old North Restoration Group
- Save Mullanphy.org, with info on how YOU can help!
- Ecology of Absence has more information and pre-collapse photos.

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