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The Garden District
Photographs from December 28, 2006

We needed a break from endless driving and endless destruction, so we popped over to St. Charles Avenue. After a stop for tasty lunch at VooDoo BBQ, we headed down to the Garden District -- the city's most famous area after the French Quarter.

Here, newly rich Americans built their mansions, distant from the Creole culture of the French Quarter and Esplanade beyond, in a time spanning from the 1840s to the 1880s. The accumlation of a rich and cohesive architecture, innumerable aged street trees, and intimate scale make the Garden District an unforgettable place.

The District sits on high ground near the river, and did not flood. Even wind damage is not in much evidence here. The only obvious change is that the St. Charles streetcar line is not running, due to substantial wind damage along the right-of-way. As we turned left off St. Charles to explore the Garden District, we noted a crew working on a section of the line.

2700 block of Coliseum Street -- houses from 1861.

A cornstalk fence surrounds this home at 1448 Fourth Street, identical to the one on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

2627 Coliseum Street, 1876 -- the James Eustis house.

First Street at Coliseum.

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