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Photographs from December 28, 2006

GOOD LUCK, reads a spray painted note -- to who, and by who, a mystery. Waterlines indicate the lower level of this home at Milne and French was completely submerged.

View east down Harrison Avenue, toward Colbert Street.

Much of the reminders of devastation have been removed, but here some sense of the destructive torrents of water that poured into this area remain. Fresh dirt gives evidence of a recently demolished home.


A mud flat stands in the wake of a home removal.

Another home on stilts.

New frame construction rising.

A battered house, apparently little touched since the storms.

A stylish 1960s Modernist home near the north end of the neighborhood, clad with elegant cream brick and long, flattened windows. It was an early hint of the stylish Mid-Century Modern homes we would find in nearby Lake Shore.

Mount Carmel Academy stands at the north end of the neighborhood, facing Robert E Lee Boulevard. It was heavily flooded, but rebuilt at a swift pace and was open by early 2006.