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Faugbourg Marigny
Photographs from December 27th, 2006

East of the Quarter is the far less-visited Faubourg Marigny, a triangular little neighborhood that is as charming as the Quarter, and a lot less crowded. A disproportionate amount of the city's music night life is centered on Frenchman Street.

The smaller building is home of the Spotted Cat, featuring live jazz nightly. My greatest wish was to catch the New Orleans Jazz Vipers playing here, but they only do Mondays and Fridays. We were in town from Tuesday to Thursday, naturally.

Ah well. Next time!

Sorry we got ILL

These were the first search-and-rescue marks we encountered. Marigny suffered some wind damage but for the most part did not have major flooding. The search X's would become a familiar sight as we moved deeper into the city.

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