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Photographs from December 27-28, 2006

The Lafitte Housing Projects, seen from Orleans Avenue. This 1941 project was originally intended to house blacks; along with three others, is slated to be torn down due to what HUD claims is too much flood damage to be repaired.

I know nothing of life in these places, but the forms of these buildings are admirable: low-rise walk-ups, with ready access to the street and public grounds. Initial plans for replacement call for integrating new housing into existing mixed-income areas.

Some further history of the Treme/Lafitte neighborhood.

Below: Views along Orleans Avenue, just north of I-10,heading back down to the French Quarter.

A slick neon sign at the Carver Medical Clinic.

Orleans at N. Prieur Street.

Two unusual views of an unusual block. This little snippet of St. Ann has been sliced and diced by I-10 and its entrance ramps. This is the view looking south from the entrance ramp...

...and this is the view north from the freeway.

View back towards Orleans, across the rooftops. The massive building in the distance appears to be a religious school, possibly related to the St. Ann parish which once existed here.

Clairborne Avenue at Orleans - uptown bound.

Clairborne Avenue at Orleans - downtown bound.

Orleans south of Clairborne.

N. Robertson Street, at Orleans.

Closeup of the same view.

N. Villere Street, at St. Ann. The back of Louis Armstrong Park is at right.

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