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New Orleans East (northwest)
Photographs from December 28, 2006

Like much of the back of town, New Orleans East is a more suburban development, built out in the 1960s and 1970s.

We sped right through this area, but I grabbed a few compelling snaps as we crossed the Seabrook Bridge over the mouth of the Industrial Canal, heading east along Hayne Boulevard.

Most of New Orleans East's flooding apparently came from levee breaches in the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet canal, a shortcut canal from the Port of New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico. The canal funneled storm surges into the city.

Approaching the bridge. Lake Pontchartrain is on the left. A Bascule railroad bridge is to the right.

Views south, looking at some of the docking points and industrial areas along the Industrial Canal.

Hayne Boulevard, between Laverne and Alabama Street -- a neighborhood full of typical suburban New Orleans houses, with their characteristic red tile roof ridges. The renmants of storm debris are visible everywhere.

A view looking south over W. Laverne Street.

A view back toward the I-10 high rise bridge. Various other bridges over the Industrial Canal are visible as well.

Houses along Kuebel Drive.

East along Hayne Boulevard, east of Lamb Road.