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Northland Mall
The shopping center's layout was a sophisticated and complex design, with three separate strips of open-air stores - two radiating from Famous-Barr on the upper level, and a third continuous strip behind and one story below Famous.

A variety of alterations, variations, and additions (such as the 1970s-era building seen at the bottom) lend interest to what might otherwise be a monotonously long stretch of sidewalk shops.

Several small covered patio spaces offered a strange and nebulous blending of indoor and outdoor. These secluded public spaces reportedly saw heavy use when the center was at its peak. Geometric planters were perhaps a later touch, added to soften the severity of the space, but their sculptural forms fit well with the geometric design - even if their paint jobs did not.

At the end of one portico stood the main stairway from the upper level to the lower. The stairs were lined in blocky, smooth stone and capped with an elegantly simple, gleaming handrail.

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