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Sandwiched between the highways and the vast north side cemeteries, Baden is a wedge-shaped slice of city that is the start of a whole different world. One enters from the south through a pinched stretch of North Broadway; one leaves by a myriad batch of roads running off in all directions into North County.

Baden is the closest north side equivalent to Carondolet - a sleepy, relatively remote neighborhood on the farthest flung tip of the city, with a faintly small-town atmosphere. Both are the last major neighborhoods on their respecive ends of the city. They even share the same major road, as Broadway passes through both. Broadway acts as Baden's main street, with a dense but faded two-story commercial district that sports a few serious architectural gems.

Beyond Broadway, low rolling hills (eroded river bluffs, in actuality) provide an occasionally dramatic setting for a quiet residential district. Multiple generations of buildings and urban philosophies exist here side by side, from inner city-style brick townhouses of the 1880s, to inter-war English cottages and small wood cottages made for inner-ring post-War suburbia.

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