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The Fairgrounds neighborhood, like O'Fallon, takes its name from the nearby park. Fairgrounds Park was once a place of popular amusements, with an enormous grand stand for horse racing. The stands and the races disappeared a century ago. The public zoo occupied the park as well, until its relocation to Forest Park. The grand castelated walls of the former bear pits are the only visible remnant of the zoo; today it is used for storage.

W. Florrissant, at this point a 2-lane commercial street, once formed a central business district for the area, but today it is heavily deteriorated and largely vacant.

The photos here are from the streets between Prairie and Grand.

This little red brick church building at 4300 Gano Avenue was originally a Methodist Episcopal church. Much later it was home to Moriah Missionary Baptist; in the early 2000s it became the home of the Oil of God Ministries.

What the ministry lacks in architectural maintenance, they make up for with spirit.

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