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November 2005: At last word, this handsome little church building -- home to the House of Deliverance Pentecostal Church since the late 1960s -- was in danger of demolition from its own pastor, who wanted to replace the historic building and the surrounding houses with a new, far more generic building, as reported by Urban Review St. Louis. The church stands just around the corner from the red water tower, at the corner of 19th Street and East Grand Avenue.

May 2004: The white water tower stands just to the west as well. The circle surrounding the tower once was lined with commercial buildings; most of them are gone now, and the survivors continue to diminish.

November 2005: Another building, seen at right in the photograph above, is under demolition.

November 2005: Just another board-up, I thought sadly.

September 2006: How wrong I was -- the best kind of wrong!

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