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A scattered cluster of free-standing homes and row houses marks our first stop. Note on the map how physically close this area is to the Old North St. Louis neighborhood; these houses were once considered part of that district, but now, with the intervening highway, they may as well be a world away.

This boarded-up set of row houses on N. Broadway at Labeaume Avenue sits next to an auto scrap yard, and likely has not been a residence for decades.

On N. Broadway at Tyler, this building's large windows give the appearance of a small warehouse or commercial concern. The ghost outline of a demolished house can be seen on its side wall.

This mixed-use house at 9th and Tyler still holds a neighborhood tavern on its ground floor.

Even shorn of their cornices, these two 4-flats (Tyler Street, west of 9th St.) have a commanding presence on the street. They hint at a time when this street held more than just fragmented survivors.

At 9th and Chambers Street, this odd house is coming to a bad end, as most of its roof has collapsed. The front wall is likely to collapse soon.

N. 9th Street & Madison Street: a 3-story house with a wrap-around mansard roof now serves as a commercial structure.

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