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The intersection of Angelrodt and 9th Street offers one of the most complete residential tableaus to be found in this part of the city. 9th Street between Buchanan Street and Angelrodt Street remains almost entirely residential, though vacancies have begun to appear.

The sampling of houses here includes several different common St. Louis styles, and hints at the former character of the area.

A trio of alley houses survives on the same block. The one on the street, though covered with Permastone, is occupied and neatly kept up.

This house faces the same alley, at the south end intersection with Buchanan.

Photograph courtesy of Michael Allen.

Across from the alley's end, another house has been covered in Permastone and serves as the offices of a salvage yard.

At Broadway and Buchanan, a small red brick industrial building, labeled Richey and Sons Service, was demolished in April 2010.

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