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This run of houses no longer even stands on a properly named street; Google Maps identifies their location as "I-70 Frontage Road", though it's actually 9th Street.

The house closest to the camera suffered a fire between the first photograph (March 2007) and the second (November 2007).

In the alley behind the "frontage road" stands a surviving trio of alley houses. At top, November 2006; at bottom, a year later finds the alley being ripped up and the shortest house having lost its roof.

On Broadway south of Angelica, a solitary red brick building serves as offices for Mobile Mini Inc., at 4006 N. Broadway. It's not clear that this was ever a house, but it shares the same style and scale as the houses around it.

Several blocks north, a single house survives amid fenced parking lots on the 200 block of Ferry Street.

February 2010 - Photograph courtesy of Chris Naffiziger

Another small cluster survives on Broadway north of Cornelia Street.

February 2010 - Photographs courtesy of Chris Naffiziger

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