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This final cluster of houses was almost an actual neighborhood just a few years ago, with entire residential streets remaining, and industrial incursion relatively minimal. However, it has been heavily demolished since the mid-2000s.

Block by block, we start with E. Clarence Avenue, on the block bounded by Prescott and Ouida. Three wood frame houses stood at Prescott and Clarence in 2006. The two visible in the top photo, however, were gone by 2008, and the green painted survivor has become derilict, having lost its front porch.

At the other end of the same block, a handsome red brick house stands vacant. A lovely bit of art glass in its transom window indicates a much brighter past than its present state of abandonment.

A view up Ouida Avenue, northward from Pope Ave, November 2007. The two houses at left no longer stand.

The Ouida / Pope / Prescott / Carrie block was almost filled with houses circa 2005. As of April 2010, only 5 buildings remain on the entire block.

Two houses visible in an aerial view of this block have already fallen by 2008. The survivor, covered in asphalt shingle siding, stood on Pope Avenue, but has since been demolished.

Pope Avenue, November 2007. Both of these houses have been demolished.

Prescott Avenue, between Pope and Carrie Avenue. This clapboard sided house is the only building on its entire block.

The red brick mixed-use building at Prescott Avenue at Carrie Avenue hints at a greater hope for this area than to become a light industrial district. A bar still calls the ground floor home.

E. Carrie Avenue, west of Prescott. The scruffy patch of grass at left marks the site of another recently demolished house.

November 2007 - 2 houses stand

April 2010 - the left-hand house is gone.

E. Carrie Avenue, at Ouida Avenue.

November 2007 - 2 houses

April 2010 - the 2 houses are down to just one.

After this last patch of obscure residential blocks, Broadway rolls on northward and soon opens up into a full-fledged neighborhood named Baden.

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