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The O'Fallon neighborhood - named for the sizeable park on its northern border - is one of the north side's great delights. It is home to a large collection of turn-of-the-century houses in an eclective variety of architectural styles, and they are in immaculate condition. Although O'Fallon Park has known its share of crime-related problems over the years, it also appears to have been a major stabilizing influence in this area, as every street within sight of it is in excellent condition.

Holly Avenue, in the center of the neighborhood, is particulary visible, as the grand bungalow at the intersection with Florrissant is across the street from one of the main exits from O'Fallon Park.

The houses here are great examples of the localized variant of the Arts and Crafts Style that developed in St. Louis. Characteristic traits include the shallow pitched roofs, often covered in glazed Spanish tile; heavy ornate brackets in wood; low, broad dormer windows; stepped parapet walls; square brick porch columns; and a grab bag of other influences and features, from hipped gable roofs to half timbered facades and classical details.

Most of these building went up in the years around 1910.

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