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2800 block of N. 14th Street

September 2006: Through prosperity and decline, this scene has hardly changed for decades. Crown Candy Kitchen, at St. Louis Avenue and 14th Street, is a traditional soda and malt shop; it is the area's most famous locale and a draw for people from all over the region.

August 2003: The remainder of this block is, by and large, in good condition. Two abandoned and badly deteriorating houses at the north end of the block long threatened its integrity, but both have undergone amazing transformations.

September 2006: New windows and storefront repairs dress up the house from the previous photo. But the abandoned building continues to deteriorate.

November 2007: Hope at last! Wood bracing stablizes the front facade.

May 2008: The house vanishes entirely...

September 2008: ....only to reappear a few months later, completely rebuilt.
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  • 2823-2831 N. 14th Street
    After a couple of empty lots, the run of houses continues at the block's north end.

    August 2003: Mostly occupied, passably maintained, but looking a bit shabby.

    September 2006: Renovation is underway on most of the row.

    August 2003: 2829 N. 14th Street features an increasingly rare cast iron balcony, once a common commodity in the area.

    September 2006: Renovation is underway! The balcony has its long-lost floor back.

    November 2007: New windows are in, the Dumpster is gone, and the place looks great.

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