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This house stands on the same block of Howard, just a bit east. New housing has begun to rise on the east side of 22nd Street; this house will probably come down when development spreads further west -- if it lasts that long. The bottom image is a view south from North Market Street.

Summer 2001.

January 2003.

January 2003.

Summer 2001: Abandoned houses on Mullanphy at 23rd Street.

January 2003: The 2200 block of North Market is at the edge of the empty fields surrounding 23rd Street. In 2003 it held this lonely survivor; the house would be destroyed by 2005.

March 2003: Scattered site HUD housing from the 1970s, the only new development this area saw for many decades.

Summer 2001: 1800 N. 22nd Street. Only the house at the right end still stands.

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