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St. Louis Avenue
September 2006: Three houses on St. Louis Avenue near its intersection with W. Florissant Avenue. The center house -- the house with the slate tiled mansard roof, the lovely brick cornice, the roughcut stone courses and the Romanesque arched doorway -- was demolished in October 2006.

October 2002: The 1900 to 2300 blocks of St. Louis Avenue are lined with dozens of beautiful old buildings. This one serves as a funeral home. Notice the inclined mini-columns holding up the entry porch -- Frank Furness would be proud.

March 2003: A wider view, and the first of several Romanesque mansions lining the street.

October 2002: The grand street is not immune to deterioration. This Italianate townhouse is missing a large portion of its roof. A rear bay window (not visible) is sagging as well.

October 2002: A house on the 1900 block that has lost its roof to fire.

January 2002: Two houses from the 2100 block of St. Louis Avenue. St. Louis Place Park is just right of this image.

March 2003: The real interest of this house lies not in its staid front facade, but its immensely complex sides and back.

January 2002: Designed in the Romanesque style and constructed of red brick and sandstone, the houses at top stand at 2200 St. Louis. Across the street are the townhouses seen at bottom.

January 2002: The proportions of the large house at 2300 St. Louis Avenue are perhaps a bit top-heavy, but it's still a lovely building.

December 2002: The Bible Way Church occupies this beautiful house, trimmed with a mix of Italianate and Second Empire elements, along with the Gothic-trimmed chapel next door, at 2200 St. Louis Avenue.

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