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Name - Ali Email - cutejazzgirl@yahoo.com
Date -- Friday, 28 December 2001, at 2:40 a.m. From - Ballwin
Its both depressing and fascinating to seee the architechture of St.Louis. I really didnt pay that much attention to the beautiful and intricate architecture of some of the building decaying before my very eyes. I wish I could do more, but my family gave into the concept of urban sprawl. Its always very upsetting to see homes and buildings in a rotting condition. Your website is fabulous. Keep up the great work.

Name - Douglas Sunshine Email - Sunshinefarms795@msn.com
Date -- Thursday, 13 December 2001, at 10:55 p.m. From - Festus Mo
Bob thanks for bringing the true value of the city to the forfront. As a former developer in the city I can relate to your pictures. In the 1980s I saved the old Dorris Loft Car Company Building and turned it into Loft apt with the help of Cordage Mill Development. At that time there was no interest to rehab the city except just a few of us that had vision. My former partners are currently developing thr old Continental Building. It is good to see other people have great interest in the city as well. As a life long resident of Laffeyette Park area keep up the good work. DOUG

Name - Mark Castle Email - LCastle61@aol.com
Date -- Saturday, 8 December 2001, at 7:29 p.m. From - St. Louis, southside
I found your site with a search for "St. Louis Schools". I had just finished taking pictures of Kennard which I attended to post on Classmates.com. The search led me to your "Ittner Legacy". Our old schools certainly are beautiful structures. I enjoyed the school tour and will be returning to your site often. Great job.

Name - Desmond Jones Email - desmondj@cottoninternet.net
Date -- Sunday, 25 November 2001, at 10:22 a.m. From - Oklahoma
You do great work!
I was shocked to see how wastefull and superficial we've become. We replace brick and cement with plaster and cement templates that look like brick (what's up with that?!). This is a throw-away society and we need to open our eyes and see what we're really loosing. I'm glad you take the time to compile these photographs and facts to share with others.
Keep up the good work!

Name - Vito MarchettiDate -- Tuesday, 20 November 2001, at 12:20 p.m. From - St. Louis (the Hill)
This website is proof that we live in one of America's truly great city. The architecture and culture of this city is what keeps me here. Those who dismiss St. Louis as a has-been city simply haven't taken the time to explore and get to know it. I love this town more than anything and I am sure it will once again rise to the prominence it once enjoyed. History repeats itself.

Name - mostafa Email - sad_safy@maktoob.com
Date -- Thursday, 15 November 2001, at 5:46 p.m. From - egypt

Name - Pat Email - patsy5441@webtv.net
Date -- Saturday, 10 November 2001, at 9:35 p.m. From - Oklahoma City
I was born and raised in St Louis on W Florrisant and east Fair ave.
right around O'Fallen Park. Sure would like to see some pics of that area.
You're site is great and brings tears to my eyes when I see some of the old neighborhoods, and places like the old Arena, and so many more that I used to hang around at as a teenager. I am 60 now and was there when all the good stuff was going on .
I remember going to Chain of Rocks Amusement Park for School Picnics, All of the little neighborhood shows, the SS Admiral when it went up and down the river.
Ah yes those were the days,keep up the good work, you bring it all back to me again. Thankyou so much

Name - Christof Sayer Email - ChristofSayer@aol.com
Date -- Tuesday, 30 October 2001, at 10:57 a.m. From - SouthSide
I have been taking Digital Pics of St. Louis for about one year in the hopes to make a website like this. I'm glad you've already done it for me!
Keep up the good work!

Name - Marie A.K.A. Pamper Email - marie@saintlouiscity.net
Date -- Friday, 31 August 2001, at 3:49 p.m. From - http://saintlouiscity.net
WOW, I am very impressed with your site!
I have been working on my own piece of internet for a while,
so I come across so many personal pages,
that don't appear to show St.Louisans'
are caple of designing anything Great in their free time.
Your page is wonderful!
Do u have pic's of the Arch?

Name - thomas karsten Email - thomas.j.karsten@bakernet.com
Date -- Friday, 17 August 2001, at 2:39 p.m. From - São Paulo, Brazil
No one loves our City as much as I do -- the City, that is, not the County. The way our fellow residents have fled the architectural marvel that is St. Louis, in favor of the flavorless sprawl of St. Charles and West County is an atrocity. It fills with my frustration and hatred. I currently work in Brazil, but when I return to St. Louis I will live and die in the City. I dedicated many years to restoring an old building on the south side, and to photo-documenting the north side. Contrary to the narrow-minded majority, I see our african-american heritage as our city's greatest cultural asset. The Mississippi Corridor is the birthplace of much of our identity as Americans. We are the cultural standard bearers of the nation, despite the fact that the rest of the country turns a blind eye. But then again, why should the rest pay us heed when our own community has abandoned our richest treasures. People in St. Louis need to begin to recognize the uniqueness of where they live, before it totally vanishes from our collective memory. Don't just talk about the problem, move to the City!!!!!!

Name - Lori BDate -- Wednesday, 15 August 2001, at 5:14 p.m. From - St Louis
I have greatly enjoyed your site. Keep it up! :)

Name - Jean King Email - jakismet@aol.com
Date -- Saturday, 21 July 2001, at 11:01 p.m. From - St, Louis 1948
I am currently working on a poetry chapbook entitled Surviving St. Louis. I could use any info or photos about/of the old Chain-of-Rocks bridge.

Date -- Tuesday, 3 July 2001, at 2:44 p.m. From - THA LOUIIIIIII DIRTY
I'm born and raise alllll my days in tha stl-mo-314 i live and die fo tha loui. beautiful place to visit what city other cit's do yall know that has a plantuim arch thats sitts taller then any human.then we have my dirty tha st.lunatics representin to hard tha loui. fo'show errrrrrrr werrrrrre i go i must,must represent my hometown st.loui were we stloui swang fo'show mo's

Name - Dean Milano Email - dmilano@revellmonogram.com
Date -- Monday, 2 July 2001, at 5:25 p.m. From - Chicago
Great website! A few years ago I designed a cardboard model of the Coral Court that was included in one of our Revell kits. I was surely stunned when I heard it was being demolished. Good to see you are documenting these great old buildings before they all disappear.

Name - Helene B Email - hmbdrb@aol.com
Date -- Tuesday, 19 June 2001, at 2:45 p.m. From - St Louis Mo
I love St. Louis and am glad you have a great page about the beautiful old buildings here. I found this site by accident trying to find something about South Side Dairy. You have done a truly great job,St. Louis thanks you.
Name - Cole K Email - colek98@yahoo.com
Date -- Sunday, 17 June 2001, at 3:15 p.m. From - Boston
The city fascinates me. I find it tragic to see a great city like St Louis or Detroit having fallen so completely into decay. Your site is terrific, a magnifcent portrait of the grim reality of what twenty years neglect can do to a city. To me, to see the have tragically so much of the blood sweat tears and craftmanship of so many workers a century ago is left to decay is a true failure of our generation. To allow the great work of so many to just fall to pieces is the failure of our generation to respect the toil of our forefathers who built this all with us in mind.! What a failure it is on our behalf to not maintain what they give to us.

It is a laudable service you have done to bring to light this tragic modern social epidemic.

It makes me wonder if this is the result of sprawl and white flight, imagine the future results of failure to deal with global warming.

Name - Lynn McCully Email - lmccully@portageps.org
Date -- Thursday, 24 May 2001, at 10:04 a.m. From - Jones, Michigan
I was born and raised in StL. Left in 1971
in 1971. Lived on the Southside off
Grand Ave. Anyone remember Hall St.
and all the GREAT drag racing we
used to do there? Loved the website
and appreciate your hard work. It
brought back wonderful memories and
brought me to tears more than once. Thank you for taking me home...

Name - Joe ArminDate -- Saturday, 12 May 2001, at 12:19 p.m. From - San Francisco

Another former resident of St. Louis told me about your site last night. I really like it and
there's a lot to see. I lived in St. Louis '85 - 89' as a Washington Univ. Architecture
student and then again from '91 to '94.

As well as all of the larger, more notable buildings being torn down, I noticed many
smaller "neighborhood-fabric" buildings eventually being abandoned and then torn down
while I was living there (especially my second time in the city when I lived in The Hill
which is doing fine but is close to a lot of urban decay.)

I took a couple rolls of pictures of the city buildings/ neighborhoods right before moving
back to San Francisco in '94 and then visited again in '96? or '97 and had to rent a car and
drive mostly around the North Side taking more pictures. My friends (current St. Louis
residents) didn't understand my fascination with documenting the city's state.

While I lived there, one of my favorite drives was North on Vandeventer or Grand then
East on St. Louis Ave, then South on Florissant. Or driving down Delmar all the way
from U. City to downtown. Martin Luther King is pretty interesting too.

Such drives through the city combined with little snippets of city history I'd come acroos
(including many I heard while listening to KDHX's old-time blues d.j. Gabriel's program
on Sunday nights) left me with the feeling of what a different city it must have been up to
the around the latter 1950's. Wish I could just go back in time for a w-end and walk
around a dense, lively city center full of theatres, corner stores, hotels and people.

Keep the site going!
joe armin
san francisco

p.s. I assume you've seen Camille Jose Vergara's photographic essay books THE NEW
AMERICAN GHETTO and AMERICAN RUINS. He documents Gary, IN, Chicago,
South Bronx, Newark among other cities in trouble. He needs to visit St. Louis! Another
interesting read is the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC issue from Nov. '65 which has a 37
page article on St. Louis in the midst of its demolishing / urban renewal boom. The article
has an amazingly dated all-progress-is-for-the-better tone and the really weird thing is that no
African American St. Louis residents are photographed or interviewed (as far as I can

Name - Paula Email - mpaleto@ninenet.com
Date -- Friday, 11 May 2001, at 7:28 p.m. From - St. Louie
A friend and I are organizing a
Rose Fanning Grade School Reunion
(classes 1978-80). It was great
to find some of the details of the
building, architect, etc. You can
bet that we will use this info at
the reunion. I must also add that
I have lived in St. Louis almost all
of my 36 years and absolutely adore
the older style of architecture you
see in the city. Hopefully, this
site will encourage more people
to move into the city again. If the
city would restore the school system
to what it was like when I was a
young girl, I'm sure more would
take advantage of city-living. Keep
up the good work!

City Slicker Always,

Name - dude Email - coyoteman_10@hotmail.com
Date -- Sunday, 29 April 2001, at 8:52 a.m. From - ontario

Name - Allison Gravatt Email - alleycat1218@yahoo.com
Date -- Saturday, 14 April 2001, at 7:39 a.m. From - Southside- but live in FL
This is a wonderful website! Seeing the old buildings has brought back som many memories!!! Keep it up & and add more pictures!

Name - Lisa Email - Stansugg@aol.com
Date -- Wednesday, 11 April 2001, at 9:48 a.m. From - St. Louis - city of course
I am a 20 year resident of the city of St. Louis after having grown up in St. Louis County. I live in the Shaw neighborhood, an architecturally rich area bounded by Hwy 44, Tower Grove Park, Mo. Botanical Garden, and Grand Avenue. It is heartening to know that so many people are enthusiastic about our fair city, especially the fine buildings. Many of our neighbors who live in comparably architectural gems, consider themselves to be stewards of the history of our community. We cannot expect to have any kind of urban renaissance until our political leaders make it financially advantageous to reconstruct and rehabilitate old buildings. The only reason it makes sense for people to continue to build new homes and office centers away from the "center" of the city is that it costs less money. Until gas prices reach levels that truly hit people in the pocketbooks, they will continue to clog our transportation arteries with SUV's which gobble up our natural resources at an alarming rate. That's my 2 cents worth!

To the writer who mentions the lack of arts & crafts style homes in Compton Heights & Flora Place, come to the Historic Shaw Art Fair on October 6 & 7 in the 4100 & 4200 blocks of Flora Place. My home was built in 1923, and our block has a number of arts & crafts gems. Also- Landmarks Association of St. Louis is an active participant in the crusade to save buildings of historic and architectural significance. I suggest any visitors to your site link up to them while you're at it!

Keep up the good work!

Name - Peggi Graminski Email - ArizonaHikerGirl@excite.com
Date -- Thursday, 5 April 2001, at 2:33 p.m. From - Sierra Vista, AZ
Hello Robert! You have one of the most impressive sites on the Web! I grew up in University City and attended Hawthorne Elementary School, but moved away when I was only 10 (in 1970) to come to Arizona. It's difficult to view your site and not become sentimental...our home on Wellington Avenue was a beautiful red brick house - two stories, with an attic and basement. It was lovely and left quite a great impression on me as a child - the backyard had all sorts of trees and flowers - simply beautiful! It is sad to see so much of the city in this state of decay, but I certainly appreciate your effort in getting this on the internet. It would be fantastic if these elegant old buildings and neighborhoods could be restored to their former glory. My hats off to you! Great job! Peggi Meyer-Graminski

Name - Scott Rodgers Email - rodgesc@yahoo.com
Date -- Tuesday, 3 April 2001, at 6:30 p.m. From - Winchester(IL)
I love the web page!!! I have a great memory from 1989, walking with my mom from the St. Louis Centre to Olive, and being able to walk into two buildings that she spent a lot of time in when she worked downtown.
The Old Post Office and the Arcade-Paul Brown Buildings(she worked downtown in the 1970s). We walked into the Post Office and she pointed out where the mailboxes used to be, and how she used to have to haul it upstairs during her lunch hour to deliver stuff, for why I do not remember.
We then walked across the street to the Arcade building. Walking some ways into the building, a guard was on duty at the receptionist's desk as my mom told me to wait and right beyond the receptionist's desk she took a huge step, I wondered why and walked forward, almost falling on my butt.
That was when she informed me of the slope in the floor as one building turned into another. She said she used to trip over that in heels all the time. I am glad to hear that this building is being saved. I will be preparing to enter law school in about 1 year and am considering going to SLU, just because
I will be able to be in the middle of the preservation and restoration projects of the City of St. Louis.

Thank you again for this site.

Name - Nan McBride Email - nanm@aol.com
Date -- Tuesday, 3 April 2001, at 3:46 p.m. From - St. Louis, of course!
I was overwhelmed by your web site--the beautiful heritage, and also the sadness of the decay and loss of beautiful buildings. Can just anyone buy one of these broken-down buildings? You have to fix them, right? Does it take tens of thousands of dollars?

Also--what kind of Craftsman legacy do we have here? I can't find much on it, in St. Louis. It seems, in visiting old homes for sale in Compton and Flora, that the original owners were much more concerned with lots of frou-frou carvings, etc., than the craftsman style.

I will visit your site again. Thanks!

Name - dan Email - theman565@aol.com
Date -- Saturday, 24 March 2001, at 1:48 a.m. From - st.louis mo
it's so depressing to drive downtown and see all the deteriorated buildings. i always here about what a great city st.louis was it's too bad that we can't realize that and save downtown. we just say oh well and let the city fall apart. we need to save the old buildings and make downtown a place to go and have fun so we can be one of the great cities again

Name - Kandi Ramirez Email - kandi@n2wrestling.com
Date -- Tuesday, 20 March 2001, at 8:04 p.m.
Great page I also love the old St. Louis buildings I am working on a page about old histoical places also. So keep up the good work.

Name - John Warren Email - jdw30050@hotmail.com
Date -- Monday, 19 March 2001, at 2:48 p.m. From - St. Louis
Mr. Powers, I am absolutely amazed by this site. I'm glad that quite a number of people are fervently concerned with the future of St. Louis, more specifically the urban core. The amount of potential these buildings offer is tremendous. Some have recently said that Clayton could one day become the "center core" of the metro area. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??! I grew in in Clayton and love it, BUT is there even ONE architecturally significant building there?! Give me a break, even the thought sickens me.. I could go on for hours about this.. Also, I hope the future of the Syndicate Trust Bluiding looks brighter. It's great to see you're keeping people informed on that! Again, thanks for an incredible site. I'd love to hear from others who share similar views. John

Name - Norman/Marilyn Smith Email - nsbiotek@muscanet.com
Date -- Sunday, 11 March 2001, at 3:56 p.m. From - Muscatine, Iowa
We always enjoy visiting St.Louis. There are interesting things going on. We just rerturned from visiting the Vincent Van Gogh exibit at the Art Center
and it was great. Our son is an architect there (Peter B. Smith ) and alsomteaches at Washington University and Southern Illinois University at Carbonedale. In his short tenure in St. Louis, he has become an "expert" on the architecture of the city.

You need to get him on your team as he has great photography skills and knows all the places.
This web site is interesting. Hope you keep it up.
Name - Date -- Sunday, 4 March 2001, at 3:30 p.m. From - Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
We're visiting St. Louis later this month. It's good to learn of the sity's history and interesting architecture.

Name - Tim Long Email - tlong615@aol.com
Date -- Monday, 12 February 2001, at 8:36 p.m. From - Joplin , Mo.
I lived in St. Louis until 1964 and still visit every year.
The near Northside was my home at 1211 Tyler.

The house was torn down last year. My old church St. Liborius is still standing ,but how long only time will tell.

Name - Venita Lake Email - landmark@stlouis.missouri.org
Date -- Monday, 12 February 2001, at 3:01 p.m. From - St. Louis -- The City
I've finally (!) updated the link from our web page to yours. Your site is really is one of the best for photos and background on what we've lost in St. Louis. Glad to see that some of your guests are aware of Landmarks Association and its efforts for preservation in St. Louis.
Our Nov/Dec newsletter covered the Old Post Office and its neighbors; the Jan/Feb issue discusses City Hospital, which has just been listed on the National Register.

Name - Dushan Email - dushanam@uwm.edu
Date -- Wednesday, 7 February 2001, at 12:55 p.m. From - Milwaukee
He's the coolest guy that I know... Way to go Rob!

Name - Hugh Murrell Email - nrmurrh@mail.dnr.state.mo.us
Date -- Wednesday, 7 February 2001, at 12:37 p.m. From - Columbia
I enjoyed your page. I work for the Voluntary Cleanup Program and some of my sites are actually pictured on your web page. I share your interest in old architecture. I like your site.

Name - Mqrcia Email - marciahm@mindspring.com
Date -- Sunday, 4 February 2001, at 8:30 p.m. From - Atlanta
I love history and I truly appreciate what you have brought together here. Atlanta is a mixture of old and new and I hate it every time we loose one of our beautiful homes or buildings. I was not aware that St. Louis had so many lovely old homes and buildings. I could visualize people walking around in these spaces and yards. Sure do wish we could save more of them.

Thank you for all the work you do site to make this important part of history stay "intact." Hopefully, there may be an answer to saving some of these homes by someone who visits. I have several friends who live in St. Louis and I will ask them to visit. Sincerely, Marcia

Name - J Milligan Email - millarch@earthlink.net
Date -- Sunday, 4 February 2001, at 10:57 a.m. From - Chicago/NW burbs
You have captured the essence of the city’s history, buildings, and people. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I became familiar with St. Louis during the Eighties, while living and working as an intern architect. I return there often and you have given me more fuel for my fire. Thanks -J

Name - Missy VanWinkle Email - m_vanwinkle@juno.com
Date -- Sunday, 4 February 2001, at 9:16 a.m. From - Houston originally, now St Louis!
Houston has nothing build before about 1972 because they have no sense of history; they tear down what few old building they have and never look back. St. Louis' rich, rich architectural heritage fills me with pride in my new hometown. I want to keep what we've got -- treasure this unique legacy.

Name - Ben Eubanks Email - eubanks_b@yahoo.com
Date -- Friday, 2 February 2001, at 10:43 p.m. From - Charlotte NC
I lived in St. Louis until 1990 and remember many of the buildings that are no longer there you mention on your site. Sometimes it makes you wonder if the even the U-City buildings are safe.

Good photography and good descriptions on your site. I enjoyed it and will point to friends still in the city and those who've left.
Name - Ben Email - bpsever@wulaw.wustl.edu
Date -- Thursday, 1 February 2001, at 4:25 p.m. From - St. Louis
Thanks for this site. It is the closest thing, as far as I can tell, of an online photographic essay of the streets of St. Louis. I check often for updates, and if there are none then I review the same material I've looked at many times before.

Every time I drive around the city or look at the pictures here, my heart is broken - the senselessness of the decay is just crushing. There are glimmers of hope, though, and your site is one of them. Maybe through increased awareness, St. Louisians will become aware of just what they've got here.

Thanks again for keeping this site up, and I appreciate your devotion to the city.


Name - STL nut Email - STLcity314@aol.com
Date -- Sunday, 28 January 2001, at 4:42 p.m. From - St. Louis
It is really great that we proud St. Louisans have such a great website that we can visit to celebrate the aesthetic beauty of our great city. Thanks for the site.

Name - Phil Mantia Email - racerfill@yahoo.com
Date -- Friday, 26 January 2001, at 12:39 a.m. From - St. Louis
Thank you for keeping this page up for so long. I love what you do. You have inspired me ever since I first heard of the Continental Building. When I started searching the net I found your page and I have loved it ever since. Because of you I am now studying in Minneapolis to be a real estate developer specializing in historic renovation. Thank You and keep up the good work.

Name - STLgasm Email - GrandAve78@aol.com
Date -- Wednesday, 24 January 2001, at 3:31 p.m. From - St. Louis
This is an awesome website. I'm so glad there are others who have a passion for this great city.

Name - Lisa Gottlieb Email - Lisagott@aol.com
Date -- Tuesday, 23 January 2001, at 10:40 a.m. From - East Brunswick, NJ
Hi Rob,
My son applied to Washington University
and I waiting to see if he got in. My twin brother went there and loved St. Louis.
Is it still as nice as it was in the 70's.
It is far away from us, but we heard the school
is tops. We haven't seen the campus, but I hear it is
beautiful. Did you like your undergraduate
years at Washinton University? Social life and Academic Life there?

Name - Anna Marie Mennemeyer-LeBLanc Email - themouse9520399@aol.com
Date -- Sunday, 21 January 2001, at 6:00 p.m. From - Spring Lake, N.

Name - Kim Email - kr917@hotmail.com
Date -- Tuesday, 16 January 2001, at 10:55 a.m. From - St. Charles
You have built a wonderful memorial to beautiful buildings that have disappeared from St. Louis. Keep up the good work and I hope you work inspires more people to save more of the crumbling buildings in the area.

Name - Grant Cravens Email - skyfink@address.com
Date -- Saturday, 13 January 2001, at 6:43 p.m. From - St. Louis
Like many St. Louisians I am distressed at the way our city is being torn down piece by piece. I saw my first Blues game at the Arena (it was against the Blackhawks and the final score was three to three). I'm very happy to see how well you are doing in capturing the essence of St. Louis buildings. Keep up the good work.

Name - Bill Gibbons Email - wigi@worldnet.att.net
Date -- Thursday, 11 January 2001, at 7:56 p.m. From - NJ Shore
Rob, I haven't been on your site in a year. WOW, have you been at work! Man, I love what you do! You are untouchable for a historic St. Louis site. I LOVE ST. LOUIS!!! Fell in love my first visit in 1979. I eat, sleep and dream STL. I'm a St. Lou-natic! (Yeah, Nelly) I have become a member of many things out there to keep me in touch. I am SO sorry about all the vacancy. I wish every professional ball player making over a million a year would take on one of the decrepid buildings for rehabilitation. I can't see money coming in through government to rehab. I live north of Asbury Park, NJ where Bruce Springsteen began. A.P. is my version of North STL. Once a thriving, bustling metropolis that is now a total ghost town. I should go now but want to let ya know that I give to the Landmarks Assn and am financially involved with the Campbell House Rehab. Hey, If we're gonna lose these buildings, at least there's you that will save them from being forgotten completely. THANKS!!!! Keep up the good work.

Name - Mike Allen Email - mrallen@spintechmag.com
Date -- Tuesday, 9 January 2001, at 2:59 p.m. From - south St. Louis
Hey, Rob: good job on the guestbook. I never used to think the Wright Bldg. was all that pretty until I looked at the photo you have on the opening page of your Arcade/Wright section. It really is graceful. I haven't heard much on the Pyramid purchase of the Arcade/Wright, but I know Pyramid now owns the Paul Brown and has opened a storefront office in that building.

Name - Jonathan Pollack Email - jsp@applied-intelligence.com
Date -- Tuesday, 9 January 2001, at 2:49 p.m. From - St. Louis, MO
What a wonderful and informative site - something that any resident of this city should see in order to appreciate our rich architectural heritage!

Name - scott k. raborn Email - skraborn@yahoo.com
Date -- Saturday, 6 January 2001, at 9:13 p.m. From - kirkwood,mo.
this is a much needed site! what a strange community that we live in, in that on the whole, there is very little regard for any architectual heritage, that is so rich in style! i wish you continued success in this most worthy endeavor.

Name - Paul Girouard Email - pgirou1@uic.edu
Date -- Saturday, 6 January 2001, at 4:07 p.m. From - Quincy, Illinois
I discovered this site on my roaming around a year or so ago, and it is superb, Robert! I'm attending college and studying architecture in Chicago right now, but have the chance to visit St. Louis multiple times throughout the year. Those experiences have taught me so much. Perhaps Chicago had the finest expression of tall buildings along the the lakefront; but St. Louis, with it's real treasure of unique residences and structures is unlike any other. All the best and I wish you much continued success. (P.S. Graduate school is next on my plate in about a year, and I'm looking to get more into urban planning. UW-Milwaukee is shaping up to be a good choice since I want to stay in the Midwest - maybe I might run into you sometime...)

Name - Joe Frank Email - joefrank@excite.com
Date -- Thursday, 4 January 2001, at 4:11 p.m. From - St. Louis
A very interesting, informative site with great pics. Any info about the 1970s 'firestorm' thru western downtown (about 21st St)? I know it destroyed a lot of history, but not sure how much.

Name - Mark Specht Email - mspecht@development-strategies.com
Date -- Wednesday, 3 January 2001, at 12:39 p.m. From - St. Louis (originally Champaign, IL)
This is a fantastic web site.
Do you have any historic information on Pruitt-Igo? Pictures?

Like Dr. Detroit said, "keep up the good work!"

Name - historicdetroit Email - historicdetroit@crosswinds.net
Date -- Monday, 1 January 2001, at 3:32 p.m. From - Detroit
Hey Robert,

The site gets better all the time! Keep up the good work!

BLE 2 --> Hey Robert,

The site gets better all the time! Keep up the good work!