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Rice Stix Dry Goods Company Warehouse
Later the 1015 Locust Building
AKA 410-412 N. 11th Street
Built: 1921
Architect: Mauran, Russell and Crowell

In December 1919, a notice appeared in The American Contractor for the construction of a "Loft building; $1,000,000. 12 story and basement...owner Rice Stix Dry Goods Co."

This new structure was built as an annex to what was then the Rice Stix Warehouse on Washington Avenue - better known today as the Merchandise Mart. The two buildings remain connected by skybridge today; tunnels beneath the alley once joined them as well. A similar multi-story skybridge, now demolished, connected the building next door as well, also built as a Rice-Stix annex.

Rice-Stix departed in the late 1950s; 1015 Locust gained its Mid-Century look through a 1959 remodeling into office space.

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