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The Buder Building (originally Missouri Pacific)
7th and Market Streets
Built: 1902
Architect: William A. Swasey
Status: demolished by implosion, 1984; site is now green space.

Like the neighboring Title Guaranty, the Buder was sacrificed in the early 1980s to clear a formal green space known as the Gateway Mall -- despite being healthily occupied, despite numerous local outcries, and despite sufficient architectural value to recieve endorsement from as noted a figure as architectural historian Vincent Scully, who called the Buder and its neighbors an ensemble of considerable architectural importance and merit.

Locator Map

The Buder Building is just left of Old Court House dome; Title Guaranty opposite. Postcard view circa 1970.

Postcard view circa 1910 - click for larger image.

Image circa 1970; taken from "This Is Our St. Louis", Harry Hagen, Knight Publishing Co., St. Louis 1970.