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William Stickney Cigar Building
Later the Haggerty Memorial Building
209 N. 4th Street
Built: 1886
Architect: unknown.

A narrow, medium-height building, and a rare survivor from the pre-skyscraper era in this part of the city.

A bookseller, W.J. Gilbert, had occupied this site in 1874.

The building was home to the William A. Stickney Cigar Company from 1893 to 1916;

The W.K. Woods Stationary Company made its home here from 1939 into the 2000s, eventually renaming it the Haggerty Building in honor of the family business's progenator. The building spent decades buried beneath a windowless 1965 facade renovation.

In 2004 the graceless panels were removed, revealing a modest but handsome Romanesque building of brick and stone, with large windows. The building's upper floors were converted to loft apartments, three per floor, with some borrowing light from windows opening up into the Merchants-Laclede Building's adjacent lightwell.

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