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Old Post Office Square

Today, St. Louis possesses one last bastion of downtown office towers comparable to Real Estate Row in significance and integrity; it is centered on the Old Post Office.

Readily visible here is the impressive wall of historic architecture that, until 2004, surrounded the Old Post Office. With the demolition of the Century Building, the square has been irrevocabley weakened, the fabric ripped -- and the most intact portion of the district sundered.

It is up to an alert and informed public to prevent further such desecrations of the city's fabric.

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The Old Post Office district. Historic survivors, left to right: L & N Building, Chemical Building, Arcade Building, the Paul Brown , the Mark Twain Hotel, the Frisco, the Century (now, unfathomably, demolished), and the Board of Education Building.

BELOW: The missing tooth. February 2005.