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Aeolian Building
1104 Olive Street
Built: 1905, as the Balmer & Weber Music House Co. Building
Architect: H William Kirchner
Status: vacant since the 1990s; awaiting renovation.

Home to Ludwig Aeolian Piano company for over 4 decades. Currently touted as the Ludwig Lofts, though no progress has been visible in the 3 years since that name debuted.

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    Left to right: a bay of the Pennsylvania Building, the newly renovated Ludwig Building, and the Theib-Sterlin Building, 2007.

    The storefront, 2012


    2010, transformed. The facade has obviously been cleaned and repaired; other changes include new windows in the attic level, cleaning of the party wall brick, and removal of the old Ludwig Aeolian sign from the party wall.

    The abandoned storefront, October 1996

    The deteriorating facade, October 1996

    A banner, but no substantial changes - August 2000

    A street facade detail, March 2001

    The same storefront detail, November 2007

    The Pennsylvania, Ludwig and Theib buildings, seen from the Syndicate-Trust, 2010.