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November 2008

March 2001

911 Washington Avenue

Lammert Building
Originally: Hargardine-McKitterick Dry Goods
Architect: Eames & Young, 1898

The Lammert is one of the Avenue's most heavily ornamented facades. Rounded arches and Corinthian pilasters are capped by reclining sculptural figures. The

From 1924 into the early 1980s, the building was occupied by the Lammert furniture company, whose name it retains today.

The buiding's airy interior atrium is the PostModern product of a 1985 remodeling by Mackey and Associates. The building held Webster University's downtown campus for many years until the University moved to new quarters in the Old Post Office. Today the Lammert contains the AIA bookstore as well as the office and display space of Landmarks Association of St. Louis.