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View directly north. Note the truncation of the park's walkways by the Interstate.

A zoom shot looking north. The other two standpipe towers are visible on the horizon.

Northeast view. The reservoir's covered tanks dominate the view.

A zoomed-in detail from the previous shot, showing downtown and the Arch.

North-northwest toward Midtown and the SLU Medical Center.

Northwest toward the Central West End. The Park Plaza and the new Park East tower dominate the view.

The roofs of two adapted William B. Ittner schools.

View northeast toward Lafayette Square Park, with the McArthur Bridge on the horizon.

View east-northeast, up Interstate 44. City Hospital is visible at left.

City Hospital, with Lafayette Square Methodist in the foreground.

View east-northeast, with the former Immaculate Conception Church.

Compton Hill Watertower
View from the top

Sadly, I wound up getting a pretty hazy day for my visit. The visibility to the horizon is limited.

Even so, dozens of St. Louis landmarks are visible from the tower: City Hospital, State Hospital, downtown, the other two water towers, St. Francis de Sales, Roosevelt High School, the Lemp Brewery, the skyscrapers of Midtown and the Central West End, and many more.

The views on this page are to the north and east.

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