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2141 N. 13th Street
This lonely house stands on 13th Street north of Madison. The sole survivor on an entire city block, it is now surrounded by the rather alien context of the Murphy-Blair homes, which are gated off and do little for the streetscape.

Top: December 2002

November 2005: An aborted renovation repaired the brick facade, but also started a fire that left the house without a roof.

September 2006: The renovation continues; the brick parapet has been rebuilt, and a replacement roof is up, with a massive new dormer. The old porch has been removed.

March 2007: work continues.

November 2007: a lovely new porch is up.

March 2003: abandonment.

November 2005

September 2006: The reconstructed cornice is being made not with the usual prefab plastic, but with real wood!

November 2007: Further along, but for sale.

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