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The Arcade Building
Unlike the Wright, the Arcade makes lavish use of Gothic detailing. This is best seen at the Olive Street entryway, where terra cotta bosses leer down at passersby, wood window frame tracery echoes that seen on the building's top story windows, and two magnificent metal lamps once marked the entrance to the beautiful shopping area within.

Some time between 1998 and 2000, the lamps were removed by agents unknown to me. My best guess, judging from the mess they left behind, is that this was outright theft. Other details of the building have been removed less clandestinely and now reside at the City Museum, awaiting either restoration or permanent display.

At bottom are two figures removed from the building and now on display at the City Museum. The brass doors below them are also from the Arcade; they were removed unsucessfully by vandals.

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