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Knights of Columbus Building
1976: Medinah Temple No. 39
2006: Centene Center for Arts and Education
Architect: Baker and Knell, 1906

"Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order - Nobles of the Mystic Shrine", read the label over the door in 2001. Today, the history of the building can be read right off of its stacked cornerstones.

The 1906 building, its facade festooned with Gothic-styled terra cotta, was originally built for the Knights of Columbus. It was owned by Grand Center Inc. for over a decade, and after long vacancy it underwent a 2006 transformation into a business incubator as well as office and performing arts rehearsal space.

January 2003, prior to renovation

January 2003

December 2010 - note the addition of an elevator shaft to the eastern facade. Faint ghost signs remain as well, mostly illegible.

November 2003 - the Medinah Temple lettering over the door. Photograph by Kevin Kieffer.

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