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Faith Salem United Church of Christ
7348 W. Florrisant Avenue, Jennings - North County
Architect: Frederick Dunn
Date: 1954

Stained Glass: Emil Frei Company
Artist: Robert Harmon

To modern eyes, it appears distinctly unremarkable on the outside, but it would have been dramatically modern in its day. While working with the church building committee, Dunn took them to see B'Nai Amoona Synagogue to persuade them of the merits of a Modernist building.

On the inside, this humble little church boasts one of the area's most fantastic walls of stained glass, a continuous mural running the length of the sanctuary, one of the Emil Frei company's earlier Mid-Century works.

The Faith-Salem congregation folded in 2000. Today the building is home to the Brotherly Love Christian Assembly Church.

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