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St. Catherine of Siena-Pagedale
6815 Page Avenue - Pagedale, inner west County
Architect: Carroll & Dean
Date: 1953

Stained glass by the Emil Frei company

Originally home to the parish of St. Catherine of Sienna-Pagedale, this appears to be a close cousin of the early 1950s sequence designed by Joseph Murphy, mirroring that trio in the style of the building and its stained glass.

The exterior is heavily geometric. Within, the building is marked by stained glass broken into small panels that work together to achieve varied and delightful effects, disolving entire side walls and pocking the rear wall with flecks of colored light.

The original parish closed in 2001. A small local church community, First Baptist Church of Maplewood, has adopted the building and keeps it in use today.

Gallery 1: Exterior

Gallery 2: Interior

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