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Again, the houses shown here were once contiguous with the Old North St. Louis neighborhood to the west.

This elevated, electrified track crosses much of the area. It runs alongside Market Street, and eventually leads to the McKinley Bridge.

These two structures at North Market Street and Broadway were originally mixed use, with commercial businesses on the ground floor that served local residents. Today, the ground spaces house a bar and a sign store.

Two of the most intact blocks remain neaby, bounded by Warren Street, St. Louis avenue, and 9th and 10th Streets. Most of the Warren Street houses, unfortunately, are abandoned. Arial photos show severe roof collapses on the rowhouses at right.

March 2011

The St. Louis Avenue bridge over the highway even gives the northern block some measure of connection to its former Old North neighbors.

This stock late 19th Century home, on Wright Street between 9th and Broadway, was undergoing demolition when I photographed it in November 2006. It had been damaged in a fire earlier in the year. The factory in the background has since vanished as well.

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