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The intersection of Branch Street, 9th Street, and 11th Street has always been a convoluted one; the coming of I-70 and the 11th Street exit ramp made it more chaotic still, and isolated a small cluster of surviving houses and tenements.

With their full 3-story height and their broad face highly visible from the Interstate, the tenements are a particularly familiar sight to St. Louis drivers. Their striking form makes them memorable in their own right... as well as a popular target for grafitti artists.

Photograph courtesy of Chris Naffiziger

February 2010 - Photograph courtesy of Chris Naffiziger

Photograph courtesy of Michael Allen

Photograph courtesy of Chris Naffiziger

March 2011 - someone has painted over the ground-level grafitti

A stub end of 11th Street remains nearby, truncated by the Interstate. A handful of houses still stand there.

February 2010 - Photographs courtesy of Chris Naffiziger

At the intersection of 9th Street and Dock Street, a cluster of small industrial buildings survives, with a single old house in their midst. The red brick warehouse buildings are reminiscent of the structures that once stood on the present-day Gateway Arch grounds.

Boarded up, the house stands on the northwest corner of Dock and 9th, and probably was a 2-flat, as there are entrances on the front and side. It features a lovely brick cornice, and a cast iron storefront at street level - another bit of fragmentary evidence of this area's mixed-use roots.

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